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Watching the Watchers is dedicated to holding those in our criminal justice system accountable. From police officers, prosecutors, judges to politicians, gone are the days where misconduct can be ignored and forgotten. Those empowered to watch over society must be held to the highest standards.
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Jack Smith's MULTIPLE Criminal Offenses

Jack Smith has committed multiple instances of criminal misconduct, according to ex-prosecutor and former Trump Attorney James Trusty.

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Michael Cohen LIED AGAIN!

Michael Cohen's ex-lawyer Robert Costello explains how Michael Cohen LIED AGAIN repeatedly on the stand in the Trump trial.

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Michael Cohen ADMITS to $2 Million Dollar Pay Day

Michael Cohen admitted he made $2 million dollars from his TDS book and that he wants Trump in jail.

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Karine REFUSES to Provide Details on the WHITE HOUSE Cocaine Problem
The White House and Karine Jean Pierre respond to questions about newly discovered cocaine in the West Wing, providing little new details and referring the matter over to the Secret Service. Joe Biden refuses to comment on the news and Politico wonders whether they will ever find the culprint at all - convenient!

The discovery of cocaine within the White House complex recently has raised many eyebrows and concerns about security. While the White House has remained tight-lipped about the incident, Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced several questions from the media regarding how a small bag of cocaine could bypass security measures and make its way into one of the most secure places in the world. In particular, White House Correspondent Simon Ateba posed several questions, seeking more details about the incident. However, Jean-Pierre's responses were guarded, mostly deferring to the Secret Service, which she mentioned is conducting an investigation.

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Senator Tom Cotton Demands ANSWERS Arbout Biden's COCAINE Drug House
Senator Tom Cotton fires off a letter to the Secret Service demanding to more about the White House's cocaine problem and the Secret Service's role in providing security for classified documents.

In a surprising and somewhat alarming incident that came to light recently, cocaine was discovered within the White House complex. Senator Tom Cotton, a prominent figure in American politics, did not waste time in addressing this issue. He fired off a letter to the Secret Service, particularly the Director, Kimberly Cheatle, demanding answers and expressing concern about the security implications.

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In an "unfathomable" story, cocaine has been found at the White House in a "dime-sized bag" in the West Wing. The Hazmat Team identified the substance as Cocaine Hydrochloride and people wonder about Hunter Biden's itchy nose.

In an astonishing revelation that has sent shockwaves across the nation, cocaine was recently confirmed to have been found in the White House. When the news initially surfaced, skepticism was widespread. The White House, which should represent the pinnacle of security and propriety, seemed an unthinkable location for such a discovery. However, as reports have solidified, it has become apparent that this is a reality that we must confront.

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